Elisabetta Foradori Masterclass Pack

Trentino, Italy

The full suite of Elisabetta Foradori's flagship wines in one mixed pack. Extremely limited availability.


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About The Pack

Elisabetta Foradori is a trailblazing organic winegrower from the town of Trentino in Mezzolambardo.

Her first vintage was in 1984, with her conversion to biodynamics beginning in 2002. By 2007 she was certified and now is considered one of the most forward-thinking winegrowers in Italy with a huge international profile.

Her wines are made with a natural sensibility. The gentle use of clay amphora and inert vessels for ferments and maturation sees her mainline a sense of place from grape to glass.

Foradori works with four local varieties: Teroldego, Pinot Grigio, Nosiola and Manzoni Bianco. This limited edition Masterclass Pack showcases here flagship examples of each variety.

We have a tiny amount of these packs available online for a limited time.

2019 Foradori Fontanasanta Manzoni Bianco

From The Producer:

Due to widespread pest and disease attacks that left European vineyards in a deep crisis from the late nineteenth to the early twentieth century, numerous researchers concentrated on the genetic improvement of grapevines through hybridization and breeding.

In 1924, at the Scuola Enologica di Conegliano Veneto, professor Luigi Manzoni (1888-1968) began a series of experiments that lasted until the mid-thirties and that led to the registration of a number of clones derived from the crossing of various varieties.

Manzoni Bianco (IM 6.0.13) is certainly the most successful of his results: obtained by crossing Pinot Blanc with Riesling, it is now present in nearly all the Italian regions and is particularly widespread in Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Trentino.

Despite its remarkable ability to adapt to very different climates and soils, Manzoni Bianco thrives in hilly areas with a clayey-calcareous soil. In this environment, it generally produces small, short clusters with medium-small grape berries that are yellow-green and have a very pruinose and consistent skin.

An interesting balance between body and flavor and a good acidity characterize the wine. The patience needed to wait for its evolution is rewarded with an appreciation of its deeply mineral character inherited by Riesling, coupled with the smoothness and the floral scent of Pinot Blanc.

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2019 Foradori 'Fuoripista' Pinot Grigio

From The Producer:

Pinot Grigio is the result of a genetic mutation of the Pinot Noir variety, which gives variation
to the color of the berry. It comes from the original French variety of Pinot Gris, where it is grown almost exclusively in Alsace. Skin-on vinification gives this wine its unusual coppery

A variety that has spread overtime across central Europe, initially it was found in Germany where it is known as “Ruländer”, before being found in Hungary, Austria, Slovenia and Romania. It eventually arrived in Italy towards the end of 1800, initially only found in Trentino-Alto Adige before being cultivated across all of the north east, where today you can find the largest number of vineyards.

It has become very popular in America, particularly across California and also further afield in
Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Despite being considered an international varietal, today Italy remains the largest global producer.

In terms of Ampelographic classification, Pinot Grigio has a small, cylindrical form with the
tendency of having a winged and compact cluster. The grape itself is small and ovoid in shape, the skin has a characteristic coppery-pink color.

The Fuoripista goes against the usual Trentino Pinot Grigio rules. Its longer skin-on vinification in Tinajas makes it brighter and more delicate in its expression.


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2019 Foradori 'Fontanasanta' Nosiola

From The Producer:

The only white grape variety native to Trentino, Nosiola was once widespread throughout the region, particularly in the Valle dei Laghi, the hills of Trento, Pressano and Cembra Valley. These areas are still the most suitable areas for its cultivation.

Its origin is rather uncertain: it is often confused with Durella from Vicenza. It is first referred to in 1825 when Acerbi enumerates it within «le viti dei contorni di Trento» (the vines of the outskirts of Trento).
It is later described again in G. Di Rovasenda’s “Universal Ampelography” (1877) and in subsequent publications including Molon (1906), Dalmasso (1921), Babo and Mach (1923), Marzotto (1925), Cosmo and Forti (1935).

Numerous references found in sixteenth century documents, however, indicate a strong possibility that Nosiola was already cultivated during the period of the Council of Trento, indicating this wine as having a central role during religious celebrations and banquets.

The name “Nosiola”, considered with male and female gender alike, seems to derive from a closeness with the wild hazelnut (“nosiol” in the Trentino dialect).
In fact, the hazelnut grows in the same hilly and mild habitat and its fruits have a color that is similar to the shades of Nosiola’s ripe grape berries and branches.

Nosiola is linked to the ancient production of the ‘Vino Santo’ in the Valle dei Laghi, while in the hills above Trento, Lavis and the Cembra Valley it is vinified exclusively as a dry wine. It favors clayey-calcareous soils with low fertility and habitats with high biodiversity, where afternoon breezes and cooler night temperatures temper the heat of the day and the loose grape-bunch can remain on the vine until late October.

Due to its fairly neutral aromas, in the past Nosiola was usually fermented on the skins. Thus the long maceration can extract the structure and aromas that characterize this wine along with its great longevity.

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2019 Foradori 'Morei' Teroldego

From The Producer:

The results obtained through years of biodynamic farming and observing stability in the vineyard emphasized the character of each plot of land and made us realize that we would need to undertake a separate vinification across two vineyards.
Through the use of amphorae (Tinajas from Villarrobledo, Spain), with their particular shape and the porosity of the clay that they are made of, the winemaking process is undertaken with purity and balance. The process of turning grapes into wine is not effected by outside influences; the amphora acts as a shield, allowing the grapes to progress with only the character of the earth and grape variety as their guidance. Morei means ‘moro’ or ‘dark’ in the Trentino dialect and the grapes cultivated in this vineyard are a firm echo of this. Their roots rest among the pebbles and the sand in the earth carried by the Noce River, cultivating
wines with a texture of minerality and density. Morei Teroldego resumes form and is reborn amplified and transformed.

Name of wine: Morei Teroldego Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT
Grape: Teroldego
Vineyard location: Vigneto Morei, Campo Rotaliano, Mezzolombardo
Hectares: 2.5 hectares
Terroir: Alluvial soil with many pebbles
Fermentation and fining: In amphorae, on skin for 8 months
Annual production: 12.000 bottles

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2019 Foradori 'Sgarzon' Teroldego

From The Producer:

“Sgarzon” literally means shoot in the Campo Rotaliano. The vines that grow in the Sgarzon
vineyard are particularly active and benefit from the cooler climate that characterizes this site. Teroldego’s character changes, it is enriched with an unusual freshness. The eight
months spent in amphorae (Tinajas from Villarrobledo, Spain), with skin contact preserves and intensifies the diversity. Together with the Morei vineyard, Sgarzon noticeably expresses the great variability that this variety can express.

Name of wine: Sgarzon Teroldego Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT
Grape: Teroldego
Vineyard location: Vigneto Sgarzon, Campo Rotaliano, Mezzolombardo
Hectares: 2.5 hectares
Terroir: Alluvial soil, mostly sandy
Fermentation and fining: In amphorae, on skin for 8 months
Annual production: 12.000 bottles

Read more about 2019 Foradori 'Sgarzon' Teroldego

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