2020 La Ficelle de Saint-Pourcain Gamay Pinot Noir

Perfect light, Summery red from Saint-Pourcain in France. Juicy, fresh-faced and perfect with a light chill.

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If you love the easy-drinking, snappy red wines from Beaujolais or the slurpy red-berried reds from the southern Rhone, you'll like this.

This is a jubey little red blend from a village on the fringe of the Loire Valley. It's a mash-up of Gamay and Pinot Noir made in a 'smash-me-now' style. A sloshy, silky, simple but loveable red that is great value for money.

It's just a joy to drink.

Looking for a red to pop in the fridge on a warm day? This is a great option.

Looking for a fun red to take to your next BBQ? This is your guy.

In the year 1487, Sieur GAULTIER, tavern keeper at Saint-Pourcain, served Saint-Pourcain wine in earthenware and pewter pitchers. In his smoky and very dark tavern, after several gulps, it became difficult, if not impossible, to know what had really been consumed. Endless discussions followed where everyone evaluated, in their own way, the quantity served. Tired of these drunken palavers and to put an end to them, he had the idea of ​​plunging a piece of string into the pitchers, making a knot corresponding to the measures of the time, the half and the pint.

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