NV L.A.S. Vino Pirate Blend

Region:Margaret River , WA

Style:Medium Bodied

Producer:L.A.S. Vino

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Three Portuguese varieties getting along like a house on fire.

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The Pirate Blend. Now this is a wine with a lot of personality. Described as, "A bearded ruffian with excellent European manners (and dress sense!)" by winemaker Nic Peterkin, this is something a little bit different than your average Margie River blend. It is comprised of three Portuguese native varieties and a dash of Cabernet, inspired by Nic's time making wines in Portugal; _Touriga Nacional, Tinta Coa and Sousao_, all three of these characters offer something a little different to the party. The bottle looks like it has just been brought up from below deck and the wine itself feels raw and untamed, but underneath it all is some serious winemaking and a clear vision which has been realised brilliantly by Peterkin. Want to see what is on the cutting edge of Margaret River? The Pirate Blend is it!

What it Tastes Like

Blue and red fruit, some blood suasage and turkish spice. Firm, sappy tannins run like ribs through the wine. It's smooth, sleek and seductive with an edge. A slippery and delicious mouthful of wine punctuated with a spicy finish.


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L.A.S. Vino owner/winemaker Nic Peterkin