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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products
2017 Yangarra Roussanne
2017 Yangarra RoussanneMcLaren Vale
Organically grown high-quality example of this famous Rhone white variety. Textural and highly drinkable.
Sale price$33.00
2 reviews
2019 Domenica Roussanne Marsanne
2019 Domenica Roussanne MarsanneBeechworth
One of the top Australian examples of this classic Rhone Valley white blend.
Sale price$48.00
3 reviews
Highly Rated
2021 Yangarra Roux Beaute Roussanne
2021 Yangarra Roux Beaute RoussanneMcLaren Vale
Benchmark small-batch Roussanne raised in ceramic eggs.
Sale price$65.00
No reviews