2016 The Other Wine Co. Grenache

Region:McLaren Vale (Blewitt Springs) , SA

Style:Light Bodied

Producer:The Other Wine Co.

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An incredibly perfumed, vibrant and lively old-vine Grenache.

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As Campbell Mattinson said, "Some wines just hit the nail square on. This is one such wine." The Other Wine Co.'s mantra is all about 'the right grape grown in the right place', and you don't get too much more right grape / right place than Grenache from McLaren Vale. Their other guiding light is ensuring they pick the fruit at optimal ripeness - not at all overripe - so as to retain all the grape's natural aromatics and acid from these 45-year-old vines. It the very model of the modern, fresh and vibrant style of Grenache that McLaren Vale is becoming ever more synonymous with. If you're a fan of bright and juicy Grenache then jump on this wine - it's a bargain.

What it Tastes Like

"Some wines just hit the nail square on. This is one such wine. It’s both fresh and textural, lively and substantial enough. You taste it and think: yes. It flows where it needs to, gathers where it must, persists when it’s all on the line. There’s quite a deal of fine-grained tannin and yet its dryness never interrupts the argument in favour of the wine’s quality, or its drinkability. It gives light- to medium-bodied red wine a good name." - Campbell Mattinson (The Wine Front)


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