2016 The Other Right Fawn Chardonnay

Region:Adelaide Hills (N/A) , SA

Style:Full Bodied

Producer:The Other Right

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Luscious, buttery Chardonnay made a la naturale.
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The Fawn is a luscious and buttery style of Chardonnay, reminiscent of the bigger 'old school' Chardonnays of yesteryear. Winemaker Alex Schulkin wants that warm, chewy texture of full-bodied Chardonnay, and in the 2016 version of Fawn, he's got it. This is had no additions of any kind during the winemaking process. It's simply and unapologetically a rich and toasty style, which remains lively and vibrant in the palate. It's just a joy to drink. Only 60 dozen made.

What it Tastes Like

Oh yeah, there you go. Wan't a rich and toasty Chard? Look no further. This is all peaches and cream, a hint of ripe pineapple. All matter of whipped butter and creamy, nutty goodness. It's thick though the mouth and lathers on the flavour, but it finishes bright and crisp. Great rendition of Chardy for those who yearn for this kind of style.


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The Other Right owner/winemaker Alex Schulkin