2016 The Lane Block 1A Chardonnay

Region:Adelaide Hills , SA

Style:Light Bodied

Producer:The Lane

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The perfect modern Chardonnay for any night of the week.

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It can be difficult to find classy, good value Chardonnay in the Adelaide Hills these days. Thankfully, the folks at The Lane Vineyards are still striving to produce a wine that fits that MO. The Block 1A Chardonnay is made in a low-oak, clean, crisp style: a versatile and vibrant version of the variety. Mike Bennie was well impressed with the 2016 release, saying "A chardonnay from a well-loved wine producer, from the Adelaide Hills, for $20? Well, don’t mind if we do." A wine that ticks a lot of the right boxes for those who want quality Chardonnay at a price they can drink any night of the week.

What it Tastes Like

"Pure scented, easy drinking white wine of stone fruit and faint melon-y goodness. It’s fresh, alert and refreshing. It’s got a touch of creaminess and gentle sweetness for broad appeal. It finishes with some crispness and zesty citrussy acidity. It ticks plenty of boxes. Good buying." - Mike Bennie (The Wine Front)


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The Lane owners Marty Edwards & Ben Tolstoshev