2016 Smokestack Lightning SCSB 500mL

Region:Yarra Valley (Hoddles Creek) , VIC

Style:Medium Bodied


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_"We can do whatever we want with Smokestack, so we like to explore skin contact and lo-fi procedures to produce distinctive vineyard expressions."_ - Dave Macintosh (Winemaker)
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The Smokestack Lightning wines from Dave Macintosh are interesting takes on white varieties made with some portion of skin contact and as little intervention as possible. They are pure expressions of vineyards with amazing vitality. A cleaner, more grown-up version of the Amber wine scene, you might say. The 2016 SCSB (Skin Contact Sauvignon Blanc) was grown on the picturesque Primavera vineyard in the Hoddles Creek sub-region of the Yarra Valley. It's Sauv Blanc in its most charismatic and enchanting form. It's just a brilliant drink, and one that's riddled with interesting twists and turns along the way. Only 75 dozen made.

What it Tastes Like

Far out this is tasty! The slightest hint of a 'fino' inflection, but roaring with fresh fruit aromas - passionfruit, guava, lemon myrtle tea. It tastes like you are biting into a ripe mango with a guava-like finish. It creates a slipstream of flavour - super juicy and thirst quenching to boot. It almost feels like a healthy juice more so than a wine. So pure but with a little hint of feathery grip through the mouth. Great revitalising drinking here.


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