2016 Smokestack Lightning SCGZ 500mL

Region:Yarra Valley , VIC

Style:Medium Bodied


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90 days on skins for this crazy Gewurztraminer project from Dave Macintosh.
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The Smokestack Lightning wines from Dave Macintosh are interesting takes on white varieties made with some portion of skin contact and as little intervention as possible. They are pure expressions of vineyards with amazing vitality. A cleaner, more grown-up version of the Amber wine scene, you might say. The 2016 SCGZ (Skin Contact Gewürztraminer) is a thrill-seeker's Gewurz, no doubt about it. Gewürztraminer carries it's distinct characters wherever it goes. Here, with a whopping 90 days on skins, there's some parts of the variety's personality which have been dialled up, and some that have been softened, making for a fascinating and texturally intriguing expression of this variety and site. Only 75 cases made of the 500mL bottles.

What it Tastes Like

All the classic calling cards of Gewürz - musk sticks, lychee, but with a asian spice accent and a twist of ginger. It's dry and grippy in the mid palate - firm up front with ripe grape tannins. There's some kind of slight citrus kick there, too. Maybe grapefruit? Who cares. It's just yummy and refreshing and vibrant at the end of the day, at that's what matters.


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