2016 S.C. Pannell Aromatico

Region:Adelaide Hills (N/A) , SA

Style:Full Bodied

Producer:S.C. Pannell

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_"This wine is now our second most popular wine at cellar door."_ - Steve Pannell

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A blend of Gewurztraminer, Riesling and Pinot Gris, the Aromatico is Steve's "Moscato for grown-ups". It is modelled after on the leaner and zippier white wines of Northern Italy, rather than the more unctuous versions of these blends found in Alsace. It has all the unique character of Gewurztraminer but without any of the exaggerated flabbyness, with the Riesling giving it its _freshness and length_ and a _hint of pear_ from the Pinot Gris. It's not as complex or intense as many of Pannell's iconic wines, but nor is it designed to be. It's fresh, fun and full of life, and if you want an easy-drinking Summer white that isn't yet-another Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio then give this is a go!

What it Tastes Like

As you'd expect from a Gewurztraminer based wine the nose is extremely expressive, with aromas of citrus, lychees and subtle spice. The palate is distinctly round and full of ripe fruit, but unlike many Gewurz which finish soft and oily, the Riesling component ties it all together with nice acidity and length. A well-balanced all-rounder with plenty of interest.


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S.C. Pannell owner/winemaker Steve Pannell