2016 Oakridge Over the Shoulder Rosé

2016 Oakridge Over the Shoulder Rosé

Region:Yarra Valley , VIC

Style:Light Bodied


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Cuddly, loveable Rosé made from three kinds of Pinot.

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The Over The Shoulder Rosé is a slightly softer, more pillowy style of Rosé than is maybe 'in vogue' at the moment, but it's such a lovely drink. A meeting of the three Pinots: Noir, Meunier and Gris, this is a luscious, fruit-forward wine style with a cheeky personality. It's all about flavour and ease of drinking. If that was what winemaker Dave Bicknell set out to do, he's absolutely nailed it.

What it Tastes Like

"It’s not sweet, and it’s kind of subdued, though it’s certainly a richer, fleshier style. Rosehip, redcurrant and pear, a little spice too. Glycerol feel but shaped up with some chalky texture, a gentle glow of warmth, and a sort of spiced blood orange aftertaste. Works well. It’s something I’d be pretty happy to drink." - Mike Bennie (The Wine Front)


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Oakridge Head Winemaker Divid Bicknell