2016 Oakridge Local Vineyard Series Meunier

Region:Yarra Valley (N/A) , VIC

Style:Light Bodied


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Fresh, frisky and fun-loving. A great all-round package from Dave Bicknell.

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Pinot Meunier can be a charming grape when handled well. The lesser known Champagne variety is a mutation of Pinot Noir, sharing many of the same characteristics its predecessor is famous for. This is a light-medium bodied wine which is immensely likeable. Think of it as Pinot Noir with some attitude. Campbell Mattinson awarded the 2016 vintage of this 92 points remarking "Really enjoyed the previous couple of releases and this release is another excellent drinking option." Dave Bicknell only makes this in relatively small quantities, but if you are a fan of this slightly obscure variety, this is surely one of the best pound-for-pound versions in the country.

What it Tastes Like

_92 points. "There’s a beauty to this wine. It’s in the perfume, the ripe-but-not-overripe cherry-berries, the inflections of spice and sweet-smelling herbs, the gentle squeeze of sourness. It has tension, indeed a fair amount of it, and yet the flavours lilt. It feels so fresh there’s almost – but not – a spritz, but there’s also a silken aspect to the texture. Price, packaging, style and quality are all in a row here." - Campbell Mattinson (The Wine Front)


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Oakridge Head Winemaker Divid Bicknell