2016 Mac Forbes EB26 Pinot Meunier

Region:Yarra Valley (N/A) , VIC

Style:Light Bodied

Producer:Mac Forbes

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An experiment with Pinot Meunier that has gone perfectly to plan.
Small Batch

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This is Mac Forbes' latest addition to the EB (Experimental Batch) range. A small patch of Pinot Meunier became available, so Mac jumped at it. He sticks to the Mac Forbes winemaking ethos here: wild ferments, neutral oak, no adjustments. It's about freshness, structure and purity. And Mac has nailed it. This is excellent value. If you generally like Mac's vibe with Pinot Noir, the Meunier will be right up your alley.

What it Tastes Like

Super light and floral with hints of ruby grapefruit, raspberry and fresh picked aromatic herbs. It has a feathery structure. Almost wispy or waif like - but the chomp of gravelly tannin keeps it focused and on track. Super fresh - geez this feels like Spring.


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