2016 Koerner Mammolo Sciaccarello

Region:Clare Valley , SA

Style:Light Bodied


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Only **70 dozen** made of this rarely seen Italian variety. Maybe the only solo bottling in the country!
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Damon and Jonothan Koerner are exploring a new face of the Clare Valley. Looking at working with sustainable growers, making wines with little interference and diving into a world of new varieties for the region. Here's a new kid on the Clare Valley block. Sciaccarello _(Shak-ar-ello)_ is an Italian red skinned grape, originating from Corsica. It's known for being perfumed, vibrant and rarely seen as a solo variety, traditionally blended away. Here the Koerners make it sing. Made in a ceramic egg, here you get the essence of the variety without the influence of clumsy oak. It's a light bodied red of serious charisma. Frisky and fresh feeling with a unique feel, curious wine drinkers looking for interesting light bodied reds should walk this way. Only 70 dozen made.

What it Tastes Like

Gee this is good drinking. It's a light breezy red which tastes of cherry and blackcurrant juice. Really lively, crunchy acid. Light on its feet with a light and airy feel. Ruby grapefruit acidity, loads of personality. Big win here for the Koerner boys.


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The brothers Koerner - winemakers Damon & Jono