2016 Jamsheed Harem Series Madame Chard

Region:Yarra Valley (N/A) , VIC

Style:Full Bodied


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_"I think the 2016 Madame Chard is the best we've made to date."_ - Gary Mills

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If you don't know Gary Mills, if you don't know his label Jamsheed, you need too. His wines have been called _"a revelation"_ amongst other equally grandiose terms of praise and with good reason. The Madame Chard is a cheeky little mistress. In the same vain as the other wines in the Harem series, the Madame is about good, honest, fun drinking. Mills' aim was to craft "a Chardonnay that tastes like Chardonnay - not bloody sauvignon blanc!" and he's nailed the MO. Mike Bennie loved the 2016 release of the Madame, offering, "This punches way above its weight." The perfect all-rounder Chardonnay from a great producer and a steal at the price.

What it Tastes Like

"Complex, mineral laden, savoury. That’s three words that jostle with the ripe apple and faint citrus fruit characters. Some will find the yeasty, nutty characters a touch much in their chardonnay, but then there will be those who kowtow to this wild, quite rich and yet satisfying expression. It’s arrogantly at the other end of what Australia’s ‘fine wine canon’ for chardonnay is now (linear, racy, skeletal), and I love it for that. I love that this conversation and potentially lunatic drinking comes at RRP $22…" - Mike Bennie (The Wine Front)


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Jamsheed owner/winemaker Gary Mills