2016 Foster e Rocco Rosé

Region:Heathcote , VIC

Style:Light Bodied

Producer:Foster e Rocco

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Spicy, crisp Rosé made from Sangiovese.

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This is a lovely little Rosé with plenty of interest factor. The fruit is fermented long and slow inside old, neutral oak barrels for anywhere up to 100 days. This slow, natural ferment slowly builds texture while maintaining brilliant vitality and ultimately great drinkability. The savoury elements of the Sangiovese grape add layers of spice to the bright a shiny fruit in the 2016 making it the most smashable version of this wine to date.

What it Tastes Like

Crisp and crunchy with raspberry and fresh cherry characters. Lip-smacking acid keeps the spiced berried show on track. Soft touches of tannin only up the sheer drinkability and food friendliness of the whole package. Great Rosé. Simply delightful.


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