2016 Eden Road Skinny Flat White

Region:Canberra , NSW

Style:Medium Bodied

Producer:Eden Road

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Perfect Sunday afternoon white with interest and drinkability.

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2016 was a warm year for the folks at Eden Road with whites all coming in early with plenty of flavour and fruit weight. Winemaking head-honcho Nick Spencer decided to try something new. The Skinny Flat White is part of Nick's "Chalkboard series" - a collection of wines for Nick to stretch his creative muscles. This is a blend of six varieties from vineyards in Murrumbateman, the Hilltops and Tumbarumba. Skin contact and cold-soaking has brought out the best in each of the varieties. This is a white built for casual yet interesting drinking. It's playful and beautifully textural.

What it Tastes Like

"It’s warm and spicy, has mainly brown pear flavours, with a bit of the skin too. Some hard candy and grassy/herbal flavours , though mild and well-bedded in the wine. In not such a bad way, there’s a kind of meths character, though I hasten to add I’m not a regular meths drinker. Finish is powdery in texture, with a talc, musk and stonefruit aftertaste. It’s an interesting wine that’s likely have fairly broad appeal." - Gary Walsh (The Wine Front)


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