2016 Dexter Chardonnay

Region:Mornington Peninsula , VIC

Style:Medium Bodied


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A dream season in Mornington Peninsular producing a Chardonnay of poise and class.

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When making wine exclusively from your own vineyard you only get to play one hand each year. In 2016, Tod and Debbie Dexter were dealt a Royal Flush. Tod says 2016 was "a near perfect vintage" for the Mornington Peninsular. The Chardonnay ambling its way to perfect ripeness, the wine sings of a year when everything just went right. His is a Chardonnay for an occasion, a Chardonnay to be shared with other lovers of the variety, a Chardonnay to be cracked when converting shouters of the ABC (Anything But Chardonnay) warcry. Or consumed quietly on your own... Depends how generous you are feeling, really...

What it Tastes Like

This is elegance incarnate. Lemon, grapefruit and pithy notes run along the mineral spine. It's smooth and even in flow, glassy texture supported by glorious oak and a hint of sulphide reduction. Gee this is good Chardonnay. Fantastic premium Chardonnay, and a bargain at that.


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Tod Dexter in his Mornington vineyard