2016 Chalmers Project Aglianico Vulture MAT2

Region:Mildura , VIC

Style:Medium Bodied


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Part 1 of the Chalmers Project's look at clonal variation with Aglianico. The same grape, grown the same, made the same but with two different clones - the difference is amazing!
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Plenty has said about Chalmers over the years, but the Heathcote-based family is without question a leader and pioneer in the Australian wine industry. Their specialty is 'alternative', specifically Italian, grape varieties, and through both their Mildura nursery and Heathcote vineyard they have the widest collection of Italian grapes in Australia. The 'Chalmers Project' is a small batch winemaking experiment carried out each vintage by Kim and Tennille Chalmers. This year's brief was "to showcase some of our most exciting Italian grapes in their naked glory - super-simple small-batch winemaking to express the essence of the variety in these sites." These were made in absolutely minuscule volumes, and are not only fascinating and educational, but delicious to drink too.

What it Tastes Like

This 'MAT2' Aglianico along with its brother - the 'VCR23' Aglianico are exploring the difference in clones. Two wines made from the same grape, grown in the same place, picked at the same time, made in the same way, bottled on the same day, but with two different clones of Aglianico - one a Vulture clone and one a Taurasi clone. The difference is astonishing! Considering its warm climate origins this is impressively fragrant and elegant, with just ripe red and black fruits, a nice savoury saline character and fine tannins. Charming.


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