2016 Bobar Royale Chardonnay

Region:Yarra Valley , VIC

Style:Medium Bodied


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Egg fermented natural Chardonnay.
Preservative Free

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The offerings from Bobar are not your average, run-of-the-mill Yarra Valley wines. Tom and Sally Belford make their wines ala naturalé, favouring wild ferments, inert vessels and no sulphur where possible. This Chardonnay is grown in the warmer parts of the Yarra Valley floor, "it’s warmer for us on the Valley floor so we get ripeness in our Chardonnay, and we just think rather than fight it let’s just go with it." says Tom. The fruit is squashed with bare feet and sent to ferment in a ceramic egg, left to hang out for some time before being racked straight to bottle from the vessel. It's a wildly fascinating take on Yarra Chardonnay, not at all textbook but insanely delicious none the less.

What it Tastes Like

"Cloudy in the glass. Has a spread of flavour and aroma that runs from bruised apples to pleasingly bitter nuttiness to ripe citrus to citrus pith and apple skins. Texture amongst the broad spread of flavour feels chalky, almost dusty, finishes tight and tangy. Lots of personality; a different-good expression, but don’t expect something out of the encyclopaedia pages marked ‘Yarra Valley Chardonnay’." - Mike Bennie (The Wine Front)


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Bobar owner/winemakers Tom & Sally Belford