2015 Sentio Beechworth Chardonnay

Region:Beechworth , VIC

Style:Full Bodied


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Knockout Beechworth Chardonnay from a future star of the region.

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Chris Catlow has found his niche as a winemaker. His mission is simple: to produce _Burgundian inspired Chardonnay_ with a definite sense of place. To grasp the full scope of his mission, his three regional Chardonnays should be tried side-by-side, but if you are just looking for to dip your toe in the Sentio pond, the Beechworth Chardonnay is a great place to start. The Beechworth is Chris on his home court. His love of Chardonnay started during his time spent with the iconic Barry Morey at Sorenberg: "I worked with him quite a bit as a teenager (mostly annoyed him, I'm sure). He was the main reason I studied to be a winemaker." He makes this wine (as he does his other Chardonnays) simply; it isn’t adorned with too much oak, it’s powerful without being overblown. The throughline of minerality is pitched perfectly. It's Beechworth through and through. Campbell Mattinson thought it "Has more than a little class about it but then again, it has a fair bit still tucked up its sleeves." He hits this square on its head.

What it Tastes Like

Powerhouse nose of matchsticks and flint. Flood of ripe golden fruit characters and a slick, glossy palate. This is Beechworth Chardonnay done with finesse. Love the tension in the wine. No malo, just crunchy, crysline acid. Feels like it's not giving you all of itself just yet. The fruit is the star. Fantastic.


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