2015 Samuel's Gorge Grenache

Region:McLaren Vale , SA

Style:Medium Bodied

Producer:Samuel's Gorge

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A beautiful release of this cult favourite Grenache.

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Filtering through the sea of top producers in McLaren Vale can be a difficult road to navigate, but if you want something lo-tech and quietly exquisite, the wines of Samuel's Gorge should be on your hit list. Mike Bennie summed up winemaker Justin McNamee's operation like this; "There’s bits ‘n’ pieces seemingly everywhere, but within the chaos is a magnificent winemaker orchestrating through minimal intervention, some of the Vale’s most exciting wines." McNamee believes that Grenache is the variety that most honestly conveys the season. This 2015 Grenache is a flyer. It's a power-packed wine but with the reins held tight. The high-toned aromatics of McLaren Vale set to a rugged and complex backdrop. Made in tiny volumes and notoriously difficult to track down; wines like this are the reason why Samuel's Gorge is one of the most loved indie producers in the Vale.

What it Tastes Like

This is a little lighter on its feet than the 2014, like a prize fighter that's just cut weight - it's lean but muscular with the classic 'pretty' signature of McLaren Vale Grenache. Red fruit, milk chocolate tannins, a wicked, decadent spiced orange finish and bright acidity. Wonderful, charismatic wine here.


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Winemaker Justin McNamee