2016 Range Life Sangiovese

Region:King Valley , VIC

Style:Medium Bodied

Producer:Range Life

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A blend of the seven best Sangiovese producers in the King Valley.

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In 2016, seven producers from across the King Valley submitted a barrel each of their Sangiovese for benchmarking. It's the flagship red variety of the region where more exploration of site, clone and winemaking is happening on Sangiovese then anywhere in the country. The finished wines were then blended by Cam Marschall to make a true regional cuvee capturing the state of Sangiovese in 2016 for the region. It's an excellent drink which is very approachable for a young Sangiovese. And an exciting project for the region and their champion red variety.

What it Tastes Like

If there is such a thing as a Pinot Noir lover's Sangiovese, this is it. It's riddled with red fruits and tempered by wisps of fine sandy tannin. It's bright and fresh feeling, It's nouveau Sangiovese but with good concentration of fruit.


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