2015 Grand Casino Fiano

2015 Grand Casino Fiano

Region:Barossa Valley , SA

Style:Full Bodied

Producer:Grand Casino

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This is Fiano set to full throttle!

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Hold onto your hats, boys and girls, this is probably the country's most full-on Fiano. The fruit is grown on a single vineyard in the Barossa Valley, set atop Biscay soils. The fruit gets ripe around these parts and the intensity here is second to none that I've tried in Australia. The winemaker and Grand Poobah of the Grand Casino label is the experienced Gianpireo (Gianni) Travaglione. This man loves his Italian roots, loves his Italian varieties, and loves his Fiano dearly. He has taken what he has learnt making wines from this variety in Campania and Tuscany and applied it to this wonderful wine, and the first release has come up trumps. Voted Top of its Class in a Winestate Magazine tasting of its peers and a cracking 93 points from Campbell Mattinson along with the comments "the beast and the beauty... It’s the kind of wine to give the “food style” tag a good rep.", this is a very impressive debut release. If you like whites with some punch, you're going to love this!

What it Tastes Like

An explosion of pineapples, grapefruit, honey and green paw paw. Bloody big Fiano, the biggest I’ve had in Aus, I reckon. Heading towards Viognier-like weight, but with a crisp acidity underpinning the gargantuan fruit characters. Makes an impression, this does! Massive, in every sense of the word. Massively interesting. Massively delicious.


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