2015 Garagiste Côtier Riesling

Region:Mornington Peninsula (N/A) , VIC

Style:Medium Bodied


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Wickedly drinkable, textural style of Riesling.

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The Côtier label has been about 5 or 6 years in the making. It started with some experimentation, looking at the impact of carbonic maceration on white varieties, these small ferments have been a bit of fun for Barney up until 2016. This year he has bottled about 25 dozen of each of these ferments. He's not jumping on the natural, 'skinsy' wine bandwagon. He has his own reasons, such as deepening his knowledge of the region and the varieties he loves. The wines have their own voice. The Riesling is a belter. Where you classically think of acidity first with Riesling, here, as Barney describes, "Acid is usually the framework but with this, it’s the phenolics - they give the wine direction." It's a textural, savoury style of Riesling. Something unique but not 'too' out-there. Delicious drinking with interest.

What it Tastes Like

Dried apples, banana leaf, beez wax and honey. Ginger bitterness and slightly ferrous phenolics, lead to a savoury, herbal back palate. Leaves you with hints of things like basil and rosemary. So clean and bright for a wine in this style but with a creamy, nutty/waxy texture. Awesome.


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Garagiste owner/winemaker Barnaby Flanders