2015 Fighting Gully Road Sangiovese

Region:Beechworth , VIC

Style:Medium Bodied

Producer:Fighting Gully Road

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Top value Sangiovese with some classic varietal character.

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There are few viticulturalists in Australia that get Sangiovese right. It's a difficult nut to crack, it seems. Clonal selection and site playing major roles in the success of the wine. Well, here's one that hits the nail square on. Mark Walpole works the _Aquila Audax Vineyard_ in Beechworth with an eye only for quality. This Sangiovese comes from the upper exposed slopes of the vineyard, vines planted on shale and metamorphic rock. With the skilled hands of winemaker Adrian Rodda doing all the right things in the winery, the 2015 vintage of the Fighting Gully Road Sangiovese comes out with classic varietal character and offers excellent value for those who enjoy the savoury, grippy drinking experience that this variety can give.

What it Tastes Like

This is a richly fruited Sangiovese that doesn't skimp on the savoury elements. Dark cherry and fresh basil and rosemary to smell. A dash of toasty oak smooths out the coffee ground tannins. This is unmistable Sangiovese. Both variety and region done justice. Excellent value all round.


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Fighting Gully Road owner Mark Walpole