2015 David Franz 108 Varieties Rosé

Region:Barossa Valley (N/A) , SA

Style:Full Bodied

Producer:David Franz

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**108 varieties** in just one bottle! This is some wild stuff!
weird & wonderful

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Winemakers, by their very nature, are dreamers. Some dream of making the ultimate Pinot Noir, for some it is the dream of truly capturing a vineyard inside a bottle, others, their dreams are a little more left of centre. Dave Lehmann (AKA David Franz), son of the Australian wine icon, Peter Lehmann, has long held the dream of making one wine out of 100 varieties. This Rosé is a vinous cocktail containing no less than 108 varieties. With painstaking attention to detail, every one of them, along with brief description of their qualities is inscribed on the bottle itself by Dave and his wife. The fruit comes from a variety of sources; some from the Langmeil nursery block in the western section of the Barossa; some from the varietal rainbow that is Ricca Terra farms. Coincidentally, this also realises a Different Drop dream, to have 100 Australian grown varieties available on our site, conveniently all in one bottle. Dreams can come true!

What it Tastes Like

Much fresher release than the previous vintage. Soft berry scents and spices with a slightly floral lilt. The full barrel ferment seems to have brought greater harmony to this vintage. It's round and clean and refreshing, it's just a delicious dry Rosé that happens to be made from an insane amount of varieties.


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