2015 Billy Button The Squid Saperavi

Region:Alpine Valleys , VIC

Style:Full Bodied

Producer:Billy Button

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Great rendition of an ancient Georgian variety by Jo Marsh. _"Interesting wine to say the least."_ - Campbell Mattinson
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Saperavi is an ancient Georgian variety, one of the few wine grapes with red flesh, that makes very robust wines of big character and flavour. The variety can be a little tricky at times, but its power is tamed wonderfully here by winemaker, Jo Marsh. The Squid (so named for its inky colour in the glass) is a new addition to Jo's range. _“On its own Saperavi can be really floral and herbal, too hard to have more than a glass. But I added one third amphora component and it just really softened it out and brought a different savoury edge to the wine”_, she told us during our tasting. Clever winemaking and a focus on the fruit has made this a great example of the variety. As with all the alternate varieties in the Billy Button range, this is a great place to start if you want to see what this curious grape is all about.

What it Tastes Like

"This is a robust, throaty expression of the variety, warm and full of flavour. It’s no shrinking violet. Inky blackberries, floral aspects, dried herbs and iodine. The fruit is presented on a squeaky clean platter; there’s little to no oak character apparent, in flavour terms at least. It feels warm and very ripe, but then keen acidity helps keeps both in check. Interesting wine to say the least." - Campbell Mattinson (The Wine Front)


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Billy Button owner/winemaker Jo Marsh