2015 Angullong Fossil Hill Sangiovese

Region:Orange , NSW

Style:Medium Bodied


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A smashable style of Sangiovese. Moreish and tasty drinking.

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Sangiovese is a much-loved variety but many examples can be a little difficult to tuck into in their youth.

This is a superb little Sangio that has been built for immediate enjoyment. The signature Sangiovese structure is all still there, but the juiciness of the fruit maintained here by winemaker Ben Crossing is what moves this squarely into ‘glugable’ territory.

This is the perfect Thursday night pizza wine, the perfect BBQ wine, the perfect anything-you-want-it-to-be wine.

What It Tastes Like

Smells of red earth, soaking black cherry, twigs and a bit of BBQ meat. The fruit is ripe and plump, plenty of joy in the sweetness of the fruit and the drying finish. The ropes of tannin lash the sides of the tongue so there plenty of varietal character there - It’s sangio that you can get at young without your teeth falling out.


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Angullong owners James and Ben Crossing