2014 S.C. Pannell The Vale Shiraz Grenache

2014 S.C. Pannell The Vale Shiraz Grenache

Region:McLaren Vale , SA

Producer:S.C. Pannell

Quick Overview

Steve Pannell’s homage to his McLaren Vale home - a beautifully poised, old vine, co-fermented Shiraz Grenache blend. Stunning.

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Why You'll Love It

Entire volumes have been written on Steve Pannell’s influence on the Australian Wine industry. His remarkable trophy room is a testament to his place in the industry. Much of his success of the last couple of decades stems from his deep love of his home region, McLaren Vale.

‘The Vale’ is Steve’s ode to his home. He describes it better than anyone else could:

“The truly wondrous thing about wine is that speaks of where it comes from. All true wine has a local accent - something distinct and unmistakable that helps you place it in an instant. This old vine Shiraz Grenache is our wine of place and it couldn’t come from anywhere else but ‘The Vale’. The blend is something altogether more than the sum of its two parts – it is the Vale in essence, taste and character.”

With old vine fruit, only subtle oak use and co-fermentation of the two varieties this is concentrated, energetic and perfectly balanced all at once. 95 points from James Halliday, and a gorgeous red wine that really epitomises what Steve Pannell and his McLaren Vale home are all about.

What It Tastes Like

The funny thing about this blend is that on the nose it is quite easy to identify the different contributions of the Shiraz and Grenache - pepper and black fruits from the former and vibrant, candied red fruits from the latter. It’s a lovely bouquet. On the palate however, I can only guess due to the co-fermentation of the varieties, the two grapes are seamlessly integrated into one. It’s incredibly silky and textural, with waves of fresh berries and mixed spices. The oak is, as ever with Steve’s wines, understated, with fine tannins aiding the finish. Balance, balance, balance!

About S.C. Pannell

Quite simply, Steven Pannell is one of Australia’s finest and most imaginative winemakers. He’s a Jimmy Watson Trophy winner, a McLaren Vale Bushing King winner, a two-time Max Schubert Trophy winner, International Red Winemaker of the Year and Decanter Magazine’s 50 Most Influential Contributors to the World of Wine.

Nick Stock described him as potentially “one of the greatest Australian winemakers ever to make wines in our age”, while James Halliday highlighted what makes the man special: “Stephen Pannell’s disconcertingly bright, inquisitive eyes are never still, signalling a mind which is forever questioning the status quo.”

It’s this creativity, courage and vision - to craft “drinkable” wines that truly suit our climate and culture - that we most love about Steve. Unique wines of peerless quality and great value for money.

About McLaren Vale

There is a lot of hubbub in McLaren Vale at the moment. The talk is that their climate is a lot more similar to that of the mediterranean than that of France, so Italian and Spanish varieties should thrive in “the Vale”. And they do.

That is not to say that Shiraz and Grenache aren’t excelling in the region, on the contrary, the examples coming out of the region at the moment are the best they have ever been. Balanced, even elegant and of a world class standard. McLaren Vale is one of the most interesting wine regions in the country at the moment, where tradition meets innovation and it is producing some of the country’s finest wines. You should enjoy them.


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