2014 Head Ancestor Vine Grenache

Region:Eden Valley (Springton) , SA

Style:Full Bodied

Producer:Head Wines

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The top of the pile for Alex Head. Want to experience the amazing potential of Aussie Grenache? There is no better example than this.
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In this Ancestor Vine Grenache, you can see Alex Head's winemaking passion and philosophy distilled into a single bottle. From an ancient vineyard in Springton in the Eden Valley, these 155-year-old vines yield fruit of dazzling concentration and complexity. In the hands of Alex, the fruit sings. The attention to detail here is the thing that sets it apart. The fruit is delicately handled every step of the way. From hand picking to manual plunging and pigeage (foot stomping) twice a day, every effort is made to extract the maximum potency of flavour from these grapes. The aim here is clear, Alex says, "Made with complete respect to the fruit and aiming above the great CNDP (Châteauneuf-du-Pape) in terms of quality and longevity." He's aiming high and he is nailing it. Make no mistake, this wine is a leading light in the Australian Grenache revolution. An ambitious project coming to fruition. With 96 points from James Halliday and Gary Walsh (his equal highest scoring Australian Grenache of the year), this is a wine not to be missed.

What it Tastes Like

"Contemplative wine this one, and much like grand Pinot Noir, of which it shares a certain weight and perfume, it really evolves and shifts around with time in glass. Turkish delight perfume dusted with pepper and dusty exotic spices, raspberry and ripe strawberry, raw almonds, pears poached in red wine studded with clove and cinnamon, and a host of other things, real or imagined. Light to medium bodied, rippling with tone and muscle, funk and spice, slaty tannin and dryness, then that kiss of red fruits and perfume. It’s pretty, and tough at the same time. Takes some time and effort to get to know, though certainly it’s worth the effort. Quite outside the mainstream of Australian wine too, which is no bad thing. Real vinosity and verve. Think the score is more or less right." - Gary Walsh (The Wine Front)


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