2014 Brash Higgins R/SM Riesling Semillon

2014 Brash Higgins R/SM Riesling Semillon

Region:McLaren Vale , SA

Style:Medium Bodied

Producer:Brash Higgins

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A single vineyard field blend of Riesling and Semillon. Co-picked, co-pressed, co-fermented, co-everything. Totally weird and completely awesome.

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There is literally nothing like this anywhere on the market at the moment.  The ‘R/SM’ is Brash Higgins' single vineyard “field blend” of two of our favourite (and we think most underrated) white varieties in the country, Riesling and Semillon. The two varieties are dry grown side by side on a tiny vineyard in the foothills of McLaren Vale.  From the vineyard both varieties are picked on the same day (65% Riesling, 35% Semillon), basket pressed and co-fermented in old French barriques. Such harmony between opposing varieties just warms the cockles of the heart.  Look, it’s pretty out there there’s no denying that, but it’s also super interesting and ridiculously delicious to drink. With only 55 cases produced in total this year and a brilliant write up from Mike Bennie at Wine Front (93 points), this wine is yet another feather in Brash’s increasingly feathered cap.  Textured, aromatic and thought provoking, we are huge fans of this wine. If only there was more available. Oh well, best get yourself a bottle or two while you can and see what all the fuss is about! Enjoy!

What it Tastes Like

It’s a bit of a journey with this wine. We begin with citrus, tropical fruit and hints of briny goodness on the nose. It’s at once very like both varieties and totally new - more than the sum of its parts kind of deal. The time in old wood lends a gravitas and slight nuttiness to the nose, and has helped the union of the two varieties. Very interesting. The palate has the minerality and tautness that you might expect given the blend but it gives way to a generous breadth in the back of the mouth. Citrussy and salty with a chewiness which is so inviting. This is good stuff!


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