2013 Rieslingfreak No.7 Fortified Riesling

2013 Rieslingfreak No.7 Fortified Riesling

Region:Clare Valley , SA

Style:Sweet - Fortified


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A one of a kind dessert wine from the Riesling Freak himself!

weird & wonderful

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As far as I know, this wine is a one of a kind in Australia. The Riesling Freak himself** John Hughes** puts it best:

“Grapes for the No.7 are sourced from the family property, White Hutt, Clare Valley. Harvested at the same time as the No.3, the grapes are fermented to 7-8 baume before being fortified using three year old brandy spirit, and stored in very old oak casks for maturation.”

It’s pretty out there, but it’s pretty damn delicious! It’s like a white port but with that classic Clare Valley Riesling acidity keeping things light and fresh.

If you dig your dessert wines, and you dig things a little different, you’ll dig this.

What It Tastes Like

“Made in a ‘white port’ style, the No.7 is dark yellow in colour, flavours of sultanas, carmel and butter scotch, orange peel and dried fruits.” - John Hughes


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