2013 Linnaea Heathcote Cabernet Sauvignon

Region:Heathcote , VIC

Style:Full Bodied


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Elegant Cabernet from the rich soils of Heathcote.

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The Linnaea project is a fascinating one. Between winemaker Michelle Edwards and agricultural scientist Daniel Fischl, this husband and wife team have carefully chosen vineyards from around the world to make the kind of wines they like to drink. The wines reach from Nappa Valley to Barolo, but this, the Arlequin Cabernet Sauvignon is their only 100% Aussie grown wine. The fruit comes from a vineyard in Heathcote planted to the world famous red Cambrian soils. The 2013 release is a densely fruited yet elegant style of Cabernet, with a splash of Cabernet Franc thrown in for a gorgeous perfumed lift. It's at once so Cabernet yet so Heathcote. It's a brilliant wine and an interesting diversion for those who stick to the 'classic' Cabernet producing regions in Australia.

What it Tastes Like

There's a lovely softness to this wine. It almost feels pillowy, if Cabernet ever could. There's a hint of violet, some leafy green notes all along the blackcurrant/cassis theme. It's long and fine in the mouth, strings of tannins trailing the fruit like the train of a wedding dress. Great wine, interesting and beautiful to drink.


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