2012 Topper's Mountain Red Earth Child

2012 Topper's Mountain Red Earth Child

Region:New England , NSW

Style:Full Bodied

Producer:Topper's Mountain

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These four varieties are rarely seen altogether but for some reason, from this vineyard, it just works...

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The Red Earth Child is a unique creature. It's all about throwing out the rule book. This vintage (as it is always a different make-up) is a blend of _Tempranillo (60%), Tannat (15%), Nebbiolo (15%) and Barbera (10%)_. A Spaniard, a Frenchman and two Italians walk into a bar, sounds like the start of a rubbish joke, but here the miss matched little party get along famously. The idea being that the Red Earth Child is a snapshot in time of the Topper's vineyard. A glimpse of the vintage and the fruit that was bared. This receives the heaviest oak treatment of all the Topper's wines. Getting a hefty whack of oak (24 months in total) but somehow that doesn't get in the road. It's the fruit that shines through, the character of the vineyard. It's intriguing stuff. Sure this is unconventional, but it is dead set fun to drink. Mike Bennie thought it was "Excellent" and so did we.

What it Tastes Like

Where to begin. From flowers to earth. Fruit to meat. This has a lot going on. Juicy purple berries, a kick of perky red fruits. Fair bit of grunt through the palate. Licks with spice and tacky tannin. Acid drives while fruit takes in the view. Cool stuff. One of a kind.


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