2013 Traviarti Cabernet Sauvignon

2013 Traviarti Cabernet Sauvignon

Region:Beechworth , VIC

Style:Medium Bodied


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Cabernet may be losing popularity but this is what the variety is all about - elegance, balance, subtlety and structure. Just 87 dozen made and unbeatable value.

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About The Wine

We’ve only just come across the wines of Traviarti and Simon Grant but boy are we glad we did - they’re outstanding.

With loads of experience in many aspects of the wine industry, the shift towards making his own wines seemed inevitable for Simon. The name ‘Traviarti’ means to be led astray, but this is one of those occasions where it pays to go down a different path!

Simon’s hand crafted wines come from Beechworth in Northern Victoria, and he appears to be hanging his hat on the varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Nebbiolo and Tempranillo - the noble grapes of France, Italy and Spain. The latter two come from tiny plantings on his own vineyard while this Cabernet, his initial release, comes from the nearby Fighting Gully vineyard.

As Simon explains, “The link between the three varieties for me is structure. I’m looking to make elegant, savoury wines with fruit concentration but without overtly jammy character. I’m keen to drink the stuff and look for some acid backbone to both keep it alive in the mouth as well as cope with food.” Bang on, Simon!

Cabernet may be losing ground in the market, but this is such a lovely example of the variety. It’s very much a restrained cool climate style, but still with plenty of power and personality packed into its medium body. Simon is all about freshness with his winemaking and as Campbell Mattinson said in his 92 point review, “it’s one of those wines where you just want to keep diving back for more.”

Only 87 dozen were made so at just $30 it won’t be around forever. So elegant, so classy and thankfully for this noble variety, just so damn drinkable!

What It Tastes Like

One of those lovely Cabs that really draws you in. You’ve got to search for it a little on the nose but I don’t mind that, as the aromas of blackcurrants and herbs begin to reveal themselves. It’s more about structure than any massive smack-you-in-the-face flavour, with gentle but persuasive black fruits gliding across the palate. Firm but fine tannins, well-integrated oak and refreshing acidity that while isn’t obvious keep you reaching for your glass. A softly-spoken, thoughtful Cabernet and just a pleasure to drink.


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